If you are like most people, the value of your home has been steadily rising, year after year. That means you have probably built up tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity. This is money that you can actually access, and use for a variety of purposes, including making more money.

We can help you turn your home into your private bank. A home equity loan or line of credit is secured by your real estate, and can give you funds at the lowest possible rate often as low as the prime. You can make interest-only payments, if you wish, or we can set up a flexible and convenient repayment plan.

Money you receive from an equity refinancing can be used for a variety of excellent goals, such as:

  • Debt Consolidation. Take costly credit card balances and personal loan payments and pay them off with a home equity loan at a substantially reduced monthly payments.
  • Investing. Diversify your personal financial plan by adding assets such as stocks, mutual funds or bonds to your real estate. In many cases, using a home quity loan to purchase investments means you can actually deduct all of the interest paid from your taxable income.
  • Your children's education. The costs of higher education are rapidly rising, and yet a post-secondary degree is essential in today's marketplace. A home equity loan or line of credit can be a very cost effective way of meeting these expenses.
  • Renovation. Enhance the value of your home by adding on to it, renovating the kitchen or bathroom, landscaping your yard of finishing the basement.
  • Small business financing. Tap into the equity in your home for start up costs or expand your existing small business. Whether you are looking to purchase additional inventory, market you product or service or simply need a safety cushion to carry a seasonal business through slow periods, a home equity loan is a very cost effective way to meet a variety of financing needs.

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